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Welcome To The Party. . .(the “Mad” Tea Party, that is)

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I’m thinking some — okay, most — of what I write is pretty dull stuff. I mean, when I read it aloud it sounds like a lecture. I spend so much of my time telling people what they should do, how they should think, feel, etc . . .(at least it sounds that way), it only makes sense that my writing should carry the same “voice”. It probably accounts for why so few people read what I’ve written or bother to follow my blog. Nobody looks forward to being told how to do anything unless, of course, you’re a member of the Tea Party, or the NRA, or the ARC, or the Heritage Foundation; in which case you’re only too willing to allow some “wingnut” (by the way, I find that sobriquet highly insulting to a very useful piece of hardware) tell you what to think, do, etc. . .

As I wrote those last few lines I had an epiphany of sorts; I realized why they call it the “Tea Party”. It’s because it’s held in a mythical place called, “Wonderland” and presided over by a “Mad Hatter”, (the current Mad Hatter being one, Donald Trump, aka, “The Donald”), while the attendees sip nothing from their empty teacups and smile and nod inanely at their host’s nonsensical utterances. And all the while, the Cheshire Cat (Alex Jones, Alan Keyes, Sean Hannity, etc.) smiles maniacally at the assembled insanity, and a bloated Caterpillar (Roger Ailes or Rush Limbaugh ala Peter Max) sits on his mushroom, puffing on his hookah, chortling like some psychedelic Sidney Greenstreet, “Heh, heh, heh. By Gad, sir, you are a sly one.”

And what of poor Alice, finding herself in the midst of such insanity, with each of the attendees behaving so seriously and regarding one another with such hyperbolic seriousness, and wondering why anyone would choose to attend such a silly gathering in the first place?

But is it really all that silly? One only has to gain some distance from the superficial frivolity and the shenanigans of the Party to see the method in The Mad Hatter’s madness.

Donald “The Donald” Trump, the prevailing host of the Mad Tea Party, has managed to make himself impervious to assault by his competition (but not his own missteps). If any of the other 15 or so announced Republican candidates attempt to challenge him on any of his alleged “positions”, they run the risk of alienating not only his base but their own as well. Any attempt to unseat Trump as the “frontrunner” would mean taking one or the other of two positions. One would be “to the right” of “The Donald”, a position that may be too radical even for the Tea Party. The other would make the challenger appear to be “to the left” of “The Donald”, and anything “to the left” of anything is anathema to the Tea Party. And anyway, it’s not as though any of the other “contenders” for the Crown have any position of strength from which to launch such an attack (at least not for the present); they’re all much too busy trying to decide just what their position(s) are to try to unseat “The Donald”.

But what if the unthinkable (and “unthinkable” here is an understatement) should actually happen? What if The Donald maintains his lead in the polls and captures the Republican nomination?  Can you imagine what the next presidential campaign would look like, not to mention the mid-terms? It’s entirely possible The Red Queen would take center stage, screaming, “Off with their heads!” It could very easily become a political “bloodbath”, if not an actual one.


4 Responses

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  1. The, dare I call it, success of the Trump campaign is nothing more than a refudiation of political correctness and invisible money in politics. It seems the republican party base would rather support the devil they (sort of) know, as opposed to the devils that remain almost all but unknown and unseen, but for their faceless political action committees.
    I have to admit it would be no small joy to see Trump actually get the votes only to be denied the nomination by the establishment in the convention. I have wanted to watch the republican party eat itself alive for some time now, in the hopes that they would no longer have sufficient power to stand in the way of real social and economic progress. I guess we’ll just see how afraid the GOP really is of it’s own shadow come August of 2016.

    Joshua Stephen Thomas Sr.

    September 2, 2015 at 10:36 am

    • The only good thing about the Trump “candidacy” is that it’s pulled the mask from the face of the Republican Party and revealed its true nature. When conservatives of any stripe talk about American “esceptionalism”, what they mean is exceptionally bigoted, exceptionally avaricious, and exceptionally warlike and bloodthirsty. I can only hope that sometime in the coming year, the Republicans realize they are standing on the gallows, the rope around their necks, waiting for the floor to drop from under them, and it’s time to take a step — a big step — back. Thanks for your thoughts. -S-


      September 2, 2015 at 1:25 pm

  2. Hi Steve,

    I don’t know why I don’t get your blogs as I thought I had subscribed. No matter, but it explains that I just saw this posting.

    Being Canadian, it is all fun to see this idiot campaigning. Mind you, it is only a good distraction from our own stupid Prime Minister trying to be reelected yet again. The silver lining to your politics is that a President may be elected ONLY for 2 mandates. Here, it could be for eternity. Think a tamer Putin.

    Please keep writing about politics and all its context as it is much more entertaining than NBC vs CNN.


    Mrs. Street

    Mrs. Street

    September 17, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    • Hello, Mrs Street! Long time, no hear from . . .Thanks for stopping by (and reading and commenting). It’s nice to be noticed, even at some remove from the actual posting. I’m glad you’re enjoying the “distraction”; for us in the USA it’s more an embarrassment (or should be) to see one of our most prized institutions turned into such a surreal spectacle. It’s more sad than funny. Glad you enjoyed the post. I’ll endeavor to continue with my political “commentary” in the weeks to come. -S-


      September 17, 2015 at 4:08 pm

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