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The Hallmark of the Creative Mind

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          As I stated in my last post, creativity is a mystery.  Nobody knows, precisely, what it is.  We know creativity exists because, like some sub-atomic particles (i.e., quarks), we see its effects.  We even know some of the conditions necessary for it to function; the process by which the creative effect is produced.  There is one condition, not often mentioned in discussions of creativity (actually, I’m not sure “condition” is the right term, but for this essay it will suffice), the sine qua non, which must exist before the creative process can be initiated.  The condition is curiosity; the hallmark of the creative mind.

          Curiosity makes creativity possible.  Without curiosity to spur the creative process in search of answers, there would have been no spear or sling or arrow (or bow to launch it).  Without curiosity there would have been no gods or creation stories; no daemons or Muses to inspire us with genius. There would have been no Golden Age of Greece or Rome; no Pericles or Galen or Archimedes or Homer or Socrates; no Cicero or Ovid or Caesar.

          Without curiosity there would have been no Renaissance or Enlightenment or Industrial Revolution; no da Vinci or Michelangelo or Botticelli; no Shakespeare or Newton or Magellan; no Fulton or Whitney.  There would be no steam or internal combustion engines; no automobiles, trains, airplanes or rocket ships.

          Without curiosity continuously spurring the creative process, we would know nothing of our universe, our world or ourselves; nothing of the planets and stars; nothing of bacteria or germs or DNA.  Without curiosity we would have no radio or television; no telephones or computers or internet.

          The entire span of human history is the record of the creative process continuously striving for answers to satisfy an insatiable curiosity.  Without curiosity we would be no more than nearly hairless, ape-like creatures, huddled together in the dark, fearful of everything around us.

          So, the next time you think about being creative (or more creative), ask yourself . . .anything.


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  1. SWT, this is your best post yet – maybe ever. I will remember to use this argument the next time someone says that they wish they were creative. Anyone can be creative…
    Be curious. Ask ‘Why not?’ ‘How come?’ ‘What’s next?’ “Ask yourself… anything.” Bravo!

    Mike Thomas

    June 21, 2014 at 10:45 am

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