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If you’ve been following this blog lately, you may know I’ve recently acquired a new camera, a Nikon L810; one of the Coolpix line of point-and-shoot cameras from Nikon.  I decided I needed something more than the pocket-sized Fuji I had previously; one “dedicated”, so to speak, to use in photographing the jewelry I create.  The fact that its almost completely automatic and therefore “idiot proof” was another point in favor of the camera’s purchase.  But something happened during the process of learning all the features and functions of the camera.  After a few hours of playing around with the camera, I became aware of a subtle shift in the way I viewed the world around me.  The reason for this stems, in part, I’m sure, from the fact the type of photography I gravitated toward, shooting small things like earrings, bracelets and the like, is referred to as “product photography”.  The vast majority of the time these pictures are taken at very close range with what is called a “Macro” lens; one designed for close-ups.  Getting close to your subjects allows you to see, not just heretofore unnoticed details of objects, you begin, slowly at first, to see the artistic value of the different parts of the whole.  In a very real sense, by narrowing your focus, you widen your view.  I began to see the possibilities inherent in the discreet parts of objects rather than simply seeing the assembled whole.  And I began to experiment. . .DSCN0847  At first, I played with whole objects (like this silk flower) and light.  I also added a dark background and a sheet of polished glass.  The light source was a $10.00 pocket Maglite (not exactly hi-tech lighting).  Encouraged, I continued playing with light to enhance color and mood.  The resulting pictures really made me feel good about what I was doing (and learning) . . .DSCN0852 I began to learn to trust my camera, that it was “seeing” more than my eyes. . .      DSCN0854 The results of my efforts were clichés, to be sure; pictures taken so many times by photography students worldwide, seen by so many people, they have become mundane and nearly void of impact.  But not by me,  I had never done anything like this and I was extremely happy with my results (untutored as I was) and emboldened to try other experiments. . .with food — recipes, to be precise.DSCN0862 DSCN0871  I call these two pictures, “Pasta & Sauce” and “Guacamolé”, respectively.  They are experiments (often seen experiments, to be sure) in deconstruction, the constituent parts of an Italian dinner and a Mexican chip-dip,  Nothing special but I enjoyed doing them and was gratified by the resulting images.  There was still one more experiment I wanted to try,  I wanted to see if I could create a picture that reinterpreted an existing object as something other than what it was.  The object was a Christmas gift from my daughter.  Maybe you’ll think the resulting “reinterpretation” is a little too “cute”, but I like it.DSCN0863 The unassembled pieces of a puzzle depicting present-day San Francisco.  I call it, “San Francisco, April, 1906”. 


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  1. I think I recognize the puzzle! I started thumbing through the Photo magazine that wanders into this house every so often and I’m getting the “itch” to do some outdoor stuff. Will share via some venue once I get my computer issues squared so that I can! The florals are gorgeous!

    Colleen Faler

    August 23, 2013 at 8:13 pm

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